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Internationale oproep UNESCO: 'To ensure education’s central place in all new development goals after 2015!'

29 augustus 2013

Gabrielle Taus wijst op twee links, waarin internationaal wordt opgeroepen om 'educatie' centraal te zetten in de wereld van morgen. Allereerst sprak secretaris-generaal van de VN - Ban Ki-moon gisteren de Vrijheidslezing  uit voor de Universiteit Leiden. 'Draw on examples that guide, leaders that inspire, international standards that bind.' En de tweede verwijzing draait om de 'Oproep voor actie' vanuit UNESCO. Via het platform 'Education Transforms'  worden wereldleiders aangespoord om hun leiderschap te tonen en de rechten van kinderen als hoogste prioriteit op de agenda te zetten.  Iedereen kan zijn handtekening achterlaten:  'To ensure education’s central place in all new development goals after 2015'. 

Uit de toespraak van Ban Ki-moon in Leiden (achter deze link de volledige tekst):

The word “freedom” suffuses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our work to deepen the meaning of freedom is built on three pillars: 

  • development — or freedom from want; 

  • peace and security — or freedom from fear; 

  • and human rights — or simply the freedom to enjoy and exercise the full body of human rights. 

These pillars are interdependent and mutually reinforcing.  There can be no peace without development, no development without peace, and neither can be achieved without full respect for human rights and the rule of law. Today, I would like to address those three dimensions of freedom.

'I will continue to stress the importance of empowering women and girls.  Societies cannot be free if half their citizens cannot pursue their full potential.  At the United Nations, I am striving to lead by example.  I have nearly doubled the number of women in the most senior UN positions.  Our top officials for humanitarian affairs, human rights, health, development and disarmament are women.  So, too, is my chief of staff.  I am proud that for the first time in history, five UN peacekeeping operations involving tens of thousands of troops are led by women.  The empowerment of women is part of a wider effort to make sure that all people are able to exercise their right to participate in the development process.'

'When people are engaged and take ownership, they can become a strong force to promote local governance, advance the rule of law, deepen democracy, development and peace, and spread freedom.  But they need our support.'

De oproep vanuit UNESCO

'To ensure education’s central place in all new development goals after 2015'

Achter deze link vind je meer informatie.







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