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Afscheidssymposium Luc Stevens: 'Wat houdt de boel ten diepste bij elkaar?'

Dit is een impressie van het NIVOZ-symposium 'What - in the end - holds everything together?' op 6 maart 2018 in theater Maitland in Driebergen. Het symposium werd georganiseerd door NIVOZ ter gelegenheid van het afscheid van Luc Stevens als wetenschappelijk directeur van de stichting. Sprekers op het symposium waren: professor Tone Sævi (Noorwegen), professor Gert Biesta en professor Joseph Kessels. Het slotwoord was aan Luc Stevens, die het stokje bij NIVOZ overdroeg aan zijn opvolger, professor Rob Martens.

Gabrielle Taus (directeur NIVOZ):

For this symposium we have chosen the theme of “what – in the end – holds everything together?” It is a theme that is very dear to Luc Stevens. The systems view of life.

During his career Luc has developed from a focus on how to save youth at risk towards a more systemic view on how to decrease youth becoming at risk in the first place. From a system with selection mechanisms towards a system where connectedness and responsibility are in the center. Inspired by the front runners in the (beta) sciences Luc became aware that bigger emphasis had to be placed on complexity, networks, patterns and wholeness. That everything is connected and everything has an impact. Also in the classroom. The implications of a systems view on life for economics, politics, science, health and - education, are paramount.

We have asked Tone Sævi , Gert Biesta and Joseph Kessels to share their perspective on this fundamental question what it is that keeps it all together.

  • Tone Sævi is Professor of Education at NLA University College in Bergen, Norway. She has contributed greatly by her research on hermeneutic phenomenology and her existential perspective on education. She speaks about situations or moments when we experience life.
  • Gert Biesta is Professor of Education at Brunel University London and NIVOZ Professor for Education, University of Humanistic Studies. His work has led to a new perspective on pedagogy and education in the Netherlands and brings many of us to the fundamental questions that we should ask ourselves as educators.
  • Joseph Kessels is professor emeritus of Human Resource Development of the University of Twente. He is driven by a deep belief in human potential and challenges us to create a learning and development environment where autonomy, self-guidance and emancipation are key.

We start with a short speech by each speaker in which they share with the audience what they see as the essence of what holds everything together, what is it that matters most to them, with in the back of their minds the consequences for education. Each speech will be accompanied by a work of art that represents the thoughts or feelings of the speaker on this fundamental question. Before each speech we will take time to get inspired by the painting or photo. After the three speeches the speakers (Gert Biesta, Tone Sævi and Joseph Kessels) will ask each other one question to deepen our understanding of what this fundamental question means for education. Following this dialogue Luc will reflect on the speeches and will share his thoughts on the challenges or responsibilities ahead of us. Luc will also share a work of art to express his story.

At various moments we will be entertained by the music of the Toon Roos Trio.

De speeches van de diverse sprekers

  • Onderin deze pagina vind je de PDF waarin de volledige tekst staat van de vier sprekers, Tone Sævi, Gert Biesta, Joseph Kessels en Luc Stevens.
  • Daarnaast is er een verslag van het symposium geschreven door Maartje Janssens.
  • En zijn er publicaties terug te lezen op Didactief Online, van het verhaal van Gert Biesta en van Tone Sævi
  • En de volledige middag is terug te beluisteren - intergraal - achter deze audiotape.


Niels van der Grift heeft een sfeerimpressie gemaakt van het symposium. Deze kun je bekijken achter de link.

Onderwijssymposium 'Wat houdt alles - ten diepste - bij elkaar? from HETKIND.ORG on Vimeo.



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