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Kanamori in the classroom of Comenius: 'Live with pleasure'

19 oktober 2012

Merel Lelieveldt en Céline Mulder zitten in klas V3b op het Comenius in Capelle a/d IJssel, daar waar de Japanse meester Kanamori op dinsdag 11 september het lokaal kwam binnenlopen. De twee meiden maakten een verslag, in het Engels. Maar hun ervaring was te belangrijk om binnen de schoolmuren te houden en dus staat het vandaag op met de titel 'Live with Pleasure' ofwel 'An extraordinary experience'. Lees verder.

'Live with Pleasure'

This was the quote Mr. Toshiro Kanamori wrote down for the 2nd and 3rd  bilingual classes as a wish. With his magnificent handwriting he wrote with his Japanese brush, that his interpreter translated into Dutch. This all happened on the 11th of September, when sensei Kanamori came to visit class V2B and V3B at the Comenius Collage Lijstersingel. He gave them an extraordinary lesson.

Before the introduction from J.P. van Neven the class had seen a very interesting documentary about Mr. Kanamori. It was called “Children full of life”. This documentary was about the second year he taught his class at a Primary school nearby Tokyo. He had already taught them a year before, so they became a very close bond. This impressive story shows us how Mr. Kanamori teaches.

Before we discovered the real story, we got a fascinating explanation. He explained us how children of 6 years old learned the difference between left and right. Firstly we had to raise our right hand and we saw that the distance from our middle finger to our elbow was a long piece while the distance from our thumb to our pink was smaller. This 2 lines made a character. We also did this with our left hand. Then we got a long line to our elbow and a small line from our thumb to our pink .

Nevertheless it is logical that this was not the point. The sensei described us that the only way you can learn correctly is when you know the meaning of the definition or thing that you are learning. This method makes learning more enjoyable too.

Secondly he gave a short demonstration with the volunteer Jens.

Lees en kijk verder op  Live with pleasure Kanamori . Met dank aan Céline, Merel en Karen van het Comenius in Capelle.


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