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Audiotracks/transcripts of academic experts

Here you can find al the audio-tracks (and some transcripts) from the international symposium Unfolding Human Potential, which took place on the 8th & 9th of Februari 2017 in Driebergen, Netherlands.

The recording follows the programme during these two days. The symposium program was divided into four chapters of 2,5 hours each, with the following themes:

1) The (true) nature of teacher-student interaction
2) The (true) nature of teacher education
3) The (true) nature of pedagogical leadership and school development;
4) The (true) nature of enabling educational research (towards a new scientific ethos).

The general discussion for each chapter is led by two interviewers (Luís Pinto and Hartger Wassink). They introduce the theme of the chapter, interview the practice representatives, lead the discussion of table hosts and experts during the break, and ask questions (if needed) to guide the reflections of the academic experts.

The conference host (Shanti George) leads the general discussion, and takes over from the chapter interviewers for the concluding reflections of the day, when the general academic experts give their reflections and where there is some room for broad dialogue with all participants.

* Day 1

Opening of the day & introduction chapter 1

by Shanti George,
and guest speakers: Isabelle Biney (18 years student of Haarlemmermeer Lyceum in Hoofddorp) and Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of the city Rotterdam.
and filmclips and interviews: Marianne Rongen, & Naima Zeijpveld, RVC De Hef.

Reflections chapter 1

by prof. Ferre Laevers & Toni Saevi

Introduction chapter 2

Filmclips and interviews: Maaike Nap, school of teacher education, HAN, Netherlands & Marta Zorrila Ferrer, teacher at Escola Marina, Montgat/Barcelona, Spain.

* Reflections of chapter 2 & day 1

by prof. Colleen McLaughlin & prof. Paulien Meijer


General reflections day 1

by prof. Michael Fielding, Linda O’Toole & prof. Luc Stevens


Day 2

Introduction of chapter 3

Filmclips and interviews with principals: Tom Brocks (Titus Brandsmalyceum, Oss) & Annette van Valkengoed (Laterna Magica, Amsterdam) & Dominique Pacquot (l’Ecole Singelijn, Brussels, Belgium).

Reflections of chapter 3

Words and transcriptions of prof. Gùˆnther Opp and Edith Hooge.

Introduction of chapter 4

Transcripts of words of prof. Arjen Wals & Rob Martens

Reflections of chapter 4 & Bringing it all together

Transcripts of reflections by prof. Michael Fielding & Linda O’Toole

Closing of the symposium

by Shanti George (conference-host), Daniël Kropf (Foundation of Learning for Well-being) and a transcript of the last words of prof. Luc Stevens (NIVOZ).




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