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NIVOZ (Netherlands Institute for Educational Matters) was established as a nonprofit organisation in 2003 by professor Luc Stevens after his retirement from the University of Utrecht. Stevens is a nationally renowned scholar, whose work places special emphasis on school reform. His pedagogical vision has been inspired and nurtured by his work with children with motivational problems and learning disabilities but is equally relevant for any other child.


In the practice of education and child raising – beleaguered as it often is by political, social and economic claims – there is an increasing need for pedagogical thinking, pedagogical reflection and meaningful pedagogical theory. At present, the NIVOZ Institute is one of the pivotal places in the Netherlands to address and supply this need.

It is NIVOZ’s conviction that every human being is capable of taking part in his or her society and world, in a connected and responsible manner. As part of education’s societal task, schools make an essential contribution towards the realization of this pedagogical objective for every child.

NIVOZ strengthens and encourages teachers, school leaders and other educational professionals in realizing their pedagogical assignment.

Inspire, connect, validation
NIVOZ is a place for thinking and educational design, for awareness, contemplation and dialogue, but also a place for critical corrective. We seek to inspire educational professionals, to connect them and their practices with others, to connect the oftentimes-diverging worlds of educational theory and practice, and offer scientific validation.

In order to do so, we have three basic activities:

The NIVOZ academic forum, an online catalogue of relevant publications on education;

hetkind.org, a website that functions as a meeting space for educational professionals

The NIVOZ Schooling Academy, with its trajectories ‘Pedagogical Tact’ and ‘Pedagogical Leadership

NIVOZ aims to raise public opinion and awareness in educational matters. It furthermore helps to form, encourage and empower (future) school leaders and teachers, and to offer validation for their school practices, within the three domains of qualification, socialization and subjectification (see also Biesta and his NIVOZ-chair Pedagogical dimensions; in Dutch).

With a ‘good school practice’ we refer to a practice in which young people are encouraged to discover and develop their own individual character, talents and possibilities in order to become self-reliant adults, who envision their place in society in a responsive and responsible connection with themselves, others and the world. Thus, NIVOZ strives not only to foster good educational practices, but also to help nurture a society that remains and increases to be peaceful, sustainable and viable.


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