About UEF – L4WB – NIVOZ

Learning for Well-being (L4WB) is an initiative of the Universal Education Foundation (UEF), soon to be the Learning for Well-being Foundation. With operating offices in Brussels and Ramallah, UEF convenes the Learning for Well-being Community, mobilizing partner organizations across Europe, the Middle East and beyond. These partners share L4WB’s vision of positive transformation that will enable us to make vital decisions and to take actions that truly serve ourselves, our communities and our planet.

NIVOZ (the Netherlands Institute for Educational Matters) is a valued partner within the L4WB Community, and UEF is delighted to collaborate with NIVOZ in organizing the ‘Unfolding Human Potential’ symposium.

The symposium’s leading question is: How do children experience their world holistically, in the flow of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions? 

Recognizing and integrating all these four dimensions is central to the L4WB vision. Children’s engaged participation in their everyday worlds should draw on the unique potential and inner diversity within each child, and educational systems should nurture this potential and diversity rather than suppress them in the manner that conventional education often does when it focuses unduly on standardized assessment rather than on relationships and processes.

The four questions for each chapter of the symposium emphasize the pedagogical relationships and processes that lie at the heart of the educational systems which pupils and teachers experience on a daily basis – relationships that facilitate children’s well-being and development, teachers’ perceptions of their responsibility and how best to prepare for this, the role of educational leadership in the organization of a school and what research can offer teachers as professionals who strive to improve themselves.  L4WB’s seven principles can be summarized as wholeness, purpose, diversity, relationships, participation, systems and feedback and these principles are well addressed by the symposium’s guiding questions.

Unfolding Human Potential: A dialogue on core qualities and practices needed in education as the symposium is titled, calls for an introduction here of the nine core practices advocated within the L4WB approach.  In order for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacities to unfold, the core practices of relaxing, enriching sensory awareness, noticing, subtle sensing, reflecting, listening, inquiring, empathizing and discerning patterns are exercised within L4WB’s wider integrative framework — and we anticipate that these practices will come into play during exchanges within the symposium.

Dialogue at the symposium about the involvement of pupils, teachers, school leaders and educational researchers in the everyday processes that go on within schools and impact them will contribute to L4WB’s guiding purpose – which is to create inclusive and supportive societies where we can all learn to realize our distinctive potential throughout our lives, and where well-being finds its rightful place at the centre of all our endeavours.  We invite like-minded individuals and organizations to join us.

Learning for Well-being takes a ‘living systems’ approach that opens up questions about the purpose of education and who is responsible for it.  The Unfolding symposium offers an exciting opportunity to pursue these key questions, in synergy with NIVOZ.