All participants could write notes on special tulips (yellow and red) during the dialogue in the table-sessions. Here you can find all results of two days symposium.

One-on-one (in the classroom too)
Observing the process of learning without intervening
Tip: the classroom experiment (youtube)

Being respectful to every talent
Entering the world (what is actual)
Different standards at different levels.
How tot hink. Being quiet

Openess to/with e/ders
Action competence (solving problems together)
Being confident
Relation is the base  – personalized learning

10 seconds-feeling; feeling of safety
Openess & connection
Being accepted (love; being acknowledged

I’m really grateful for being here, for being able to share, to see so many good practices, to connect with people. It has been very inspiring for me and I have gained new insights I will share with my colleagues.
Strong conviction, from this experience I take with me.

Dare to be yourself, all the way your purity will be rewarded with mutual love.

Children are actors for their own learning.
Well being is to be able to take the rough with the smooth in your learning path.

Bestaan kan iedereen, er zijn vraagt moed
To be takes courage (Ingmar Heytze)

Blijven leren in professionele gemeenschap

I am really grateful for being here, for being able to share, to connect with people and t oremember together that we have the privilege and the responsability to unfold human potential.

Bemoediging – open – mogen leren – kwetsbaarheid – authentiek – voorbeeld – echt conflict ook aangaan.

Respect for uniqueness of each child
Create safe space for child to express her/himself
Offer surrounding for child to become creator actor

Questions: What is necessary for teachers to dare to be vulnerable?
How important is choice for pupils in order for them to develop their potential?

Discover a language to connect!

Participatory approach  “it’s not about me,. It’s about us”

Who is the teacher?  à educator!

Show interest in pupils

Embracing uncertainty

Het erkennen en verzorgen van de unieke waarde van de beginnende leraar in het collectief van leraren in de school

Narratives: (what?, how?,  why? – sense)
Inquiry of Critical incidents from personal biography

  • Audience
  • Dialogue         –> construction of meaning
  • Reflection

Leadership – the inner voice? Of a system

The heart of interaction a condition for learning
Human being – seeing, feeling, acknowledge

Inner drive

Passion is contagious

Onzekerheid ten toon spreiden, voorleven en anderen uitnodigen daartoe

When a child feels save in the school, he is prepared to learn

Bewustzijn van je mensbeeld van kinderen én leraar

If we want teachers to help children to be free & responsible subjects in the world, we need to leave room for the teachers to be (become) free & responsible subjects in the world (flip the system)

Selfconfidence? It is good not to be sure. Uncertainty is good! ‘negative capability’

Het belang van ERVAREN


Finding your critical friend as a reflective teacher

What is happening here?

Moreel leiderschap

Re-search to search (and search, and search to route a next step) and whistle a tune ….!

The heart of teacher education in love for the world, and its plurality

The narrative you bring

As a teacher there is ongoing learning
Learning to see children
Learning to look at children
Learning to emphatize with children
Learning to feel what children need

I want to make a bow for all the students. They are not only our mirror but also our beautiful rays of light, for the future

Passion & love for teaching
Learning to self reflect and other professional experiences can shape the way you teach/interact with students
Provide insight as to what you are capable of as a teacher to offer to students

Being an artist
(re) create               perform                   + improvise!


Here & now
There and then

Shifting roles
Shifting responsibilities
Shifting relationships

Ontwikkel vanuit waarden, maar deze waarden krijgen betekenis door in de school continu elkaar te bevragen over deze betekenis.

Je eigen behoeften als leraar herkennen en leren herkennen bij anderen

Theorie en leven verbinden

Perhaps the mask/role of authenticity is a more fruitfull basis for working together than the other mask. Authenticity ≠ wo you really are

In the heart of learning: pupils
* relation
* safety
* joy

The heart of teachers training:
* knowing yourself
* reading children

At the heart of teacher-pupil interaction lies interaction

Real interest in children –>  trust!
Focus not only on capacity but also on the inner drive
Able to be vulnerable in safe space
Able to become your best self

What makes a teacher a teacher – translated by teacher-education training degrees? / what is the profession of teaching?
Teaching improves by actual practice. Be flexible – learning what works


Doe maar narratief i.p.v. grammatica

Creating experiences à reflect on new insights –>  learn
On all levels; children, teachers, collegues, etc.

Create appearance and let appear what wants to appear
Make, take and let space

Erkende ongelijkheid binnen een team van leerkrachten, waar een ieder van elkaars sterke kanten kan leren.

The word ‘wrong’ is wrong!

Teacher education should look at/like Art Schools

It took him 6 years! Let time be your friend

Shared leadership is the key for a community of learners/community of inquiry in the school

… learning about yourself, to learn about somebody else …

Forever ongoing teacher support

What if being ‘authentic’ is not good for the world?

The power & possibilities of dilemma’s

Telling stories
* Teacher reflection
* Helping students understand their talents and journey

Teachers can play an important role in creating an inclusive society. Question remains what kind of pedagogical methods speak to an inclusive society


Teacher-education is more and more about the society we with to live in; that we wish to create / shape
To ask what kind of people can/need to be part of the society

Strong vision and persistence in pursuing it

You cannot be a teacher and not have a biography

TRUST <– in own pedagogy  – creating a safe ‘can do’ space

The way you teach has an incredible impact on the way children wille have and believe in themselves. Teachers have a responsibility to be aware of the dynamics of expectation

An inclusive society could be improved by obliying teachers to teach ‘social studies;  in addition to their own classes / teaching how you can be your own person.

Responsible for all your interactions

Je kan niet afdwingen dat leerlingen je een goede les gunnen; je moet aanvoelen wat nodig is. Balance of co-creation between teachers and students and using the curriculum

Leraar wel als verantwoordelijk voor het initieren van de wederkerigheid van de relatie

The relationship is a prerequisite for learning that takes vulnerability and authenticity for teachers and students. How to stimulate that? How to make that more important when it is not easy to measure it?


When we share pedagogical values ….
We should hold hands, link hands with other schools