First of all, we would like to thank all 125 participants for their contribution to the symposium. It has been very valuable. We are humbled by the enthusiasm that arised from the many positive reactions from participants that we have been receiving over the past days, especially about the tone of dialogue that was maintained throughout the two days. We are convinced that each of you has made an indispensable contribution to this atmosphere. So again: thank you.

We are looking forward to continuing our dialogue with you!

Now here is the moment to continue the unfolding process of the symposium. To continue our dialogue on the question what’s at the heart of education. To further explore what the starting point of the practice of education has contributed to a new language. A new grammar and vocabulary, or – as we unfolded through the symposium – a new narrative.

On the post-symposium communication weblinks you will find:

In the LinkedIn group Unfolding Human Potential you can continue the dialogue with other participants.  You are invited and you can stay connected.

Finally, we are working on a (e)book of the symposium – bringing it all together. At the end of april 2017 it will be published.