Examples of practice, interviews and questions

Starting points of the dialogues will be a set of examples of educational practice:

unfolding-human-potention-symposiumlogo-geel-vrijstaand-kleinWittering.nl (Rosmalen)
Laterna Magica (Amsterdam)
Titus Brandsmalyceum (Oss)
RVC De Hef (Rotterdam)
HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen)

Ecole Singelijn (Brussels, Belgium)
Escola Marina (Montgat, Barcelona, Spain)

Initiatives Thieu Besselink

During the symposium itself we will interview representatives of each of the filmed examples. From each context there will be a video shown.

Questions for interviews with examples of education practice

General questions

  1. Which values lead you in your work?
  2. What are your most important sources of inspiration? Your references?
  3. Where – in your opinion –  in your acting/practice/school can we best recognize the reflection of those values?
  4. How do you know your students relate to/recognise those reflections of your values?
  5. What do you really need to pursue your values?


Laterna Magica

Laterna Magica is a school where ‘Natural Learning’ (social-constructivism, inclusion) take place for now 800 children of 0-12 years to 0-18 years developing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Each child works with its own portfolio and a personal development plan in a continuous line of development. The movie clip gives you an example of how we provide aim, space and guidance/scaffolding for the pupils, parents and staff members in our community. To help them develop a moral compass. To strengthen confidence, self-efficacy and autonomy. To take responsibility for themselves, for people, for the world around them. To support them create narratives, tell stories. We start from curiosity, as the source of wide-scoped education. A source that helps us to keep learning, and to create the future. Annette van Valkengoed is the principal.


Ecole Singelijn

Dominique Paquot is the Director of Singelijn, an “active agency and integration” school  for children between 4-12 years, in Brussels, Belgium. The school places the child at the centre of its own cognitive and social development. Children with (learning) disabilities are welcome and an equal part of school life in Singelijn.


Titus Brandsmalyceum

The Titus Brandsmalyceum in Oss, The Netherlands, was named and co-founded by Professor Dr. Titus Brandsma (1881-1942) O.Carm. He is often typed as sincere and driven. He standed for his opinion, even though it was different than others. This willfulness is characterising for the school. At the Titus Brandsmalyceum, where children between the age of 12 to 18 are involved, tradition is important, with a direction towards the future. They want to raise their children towards critical, self-aware young people who stand for something: passion instead of indifference, discover and explore instead of waiting, interest instead of superficiality, and connected instead of alone. Tom Brocks is rector of the Titus Brandsmalyceum.


RVC De Hef

Rotterdams Vakcollege de Hef is a safe and valued school in Rotterdam, for children between the age of 12 to 16. The classes are alternating and mainly focused on the profession that the child wants to learn and become good at. RVC de Hef stands for connectedness, attention, quality and safety. The school aims to cross the bridge to society: the pupils are professionals of the future; they are aware of their citizenship and able to provide a meaningful contribution to society.


HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen)

At Han PABO, a school for educating teachers for primary schools, in Arnhem/Nijmegen, The Netherlands we feel the importance to teach what we preach. In order to adapt to our students our education is characterized by nearness, cooperation, ownership, dialogue and reflection. Together with students we search for ways so they can fully use their potential.


Escola Marina

Marina school is a newly established center (opened in 2005) innovative and in constant growth. We want to achieve the whole development of our students, working for the expansion of their individual abilities in a welcoming and respectful environment. For this reason, we promote participation, transparency, integration, cooperation, dialogue, creativity,  solidarity and responsibility. At Marina school – located in Montgat, Barcelona – approximately 500 students (in the age of 4-12 years) get daily classes.



Wittering.nl in Rosmalen, the Netherlands, is a school for children between the ages of 4 to 12, that for over a decade has developed, maintained and carried out a novel vision on learning. At our schooling the teaching and learning process is organised radically different; not only does the school offer many different sources and pathways for learning, it also encourages pupils and their parents to nourish an active attitude towards learning. Children often have a choice at our school to opt for their own learning routes in order to achieve their goals: they can choose how and with whom they want to learn, as well as plan how long it will take them. At Wittering.nl, children themselves search for answers to questions they regard important – along their own route, at their own pace.


Initiatives Thieu Besselink

Dr. Thieu Besselink is founder of The Learning Lab, developer of De Nederlandse School, Laureate of the European Leonardo Award. The story I choose to be a part of is one in which teachers, students, and school communites are a force for human growth and social change. What does this mean for educators? As an educator myself I take it as my art and craft to see the invisible, and to create the conditions for its unfolding.